Alaska LNG GTP-Mainline-LF

The Alaska LNG project consists of two AS 38.35 ROW pipelines; the Alaska LNG GTP-Mainline-LF (Mainline) and the Alaska LNG Point Thomson Transmission Line (PTTL). Two conditional ROW leases were issued for the pipelines on April 13, 2021, under the authority of AS 38.35.100(b). Conditional ROW leases require the conversion of the lease under AS 38.35.100(a) before construction may begin. These leases are only applicable on State-owned lands. The Mainline is a proposed natural gas pipeline system that would transect central Alaska. Natural gas would be treated near Deadhorse at the project’s Gas Treatment Plant (GTP), then transported by a 42-inch buried pipeline from the GTP to the project’s Liquefaction Facility (LF) near Nikiski. At the LF the natural gas would be compressed into liquified natural gas (LNG) and shipped by barge to customers. Currently, three Mainline off-shoots are planned in the Fairbanks, Mat-Su, and Kenai areas which would provide commercial grade natural gas to Alaskans.

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