CIGGS Pipeline

The CIGGS Pipeline is composed of several pipeline segments, two of which are authorized under the CIGGS Pipeline Right of Way lease: CIGGS A (16" diameter, 21 miles long, on tide and submerged lands within Cook Inlet), and CIGGS LP (10" diameter, 4.7 miles long, buried from Middle Ground Shoals to the Swanson River Oil Pipeline tie-in). These segments are on roughly 20 and 1 miles of State land, respectively. The CIGGS A and CIGGS LP pipeline segments were built in 1972 and originally transported natural gas. In 2018, the system was converted to transport oil as part of the CIPL Cross Inlet Pipeline Extension Project which re-routes oil from the west side of Cook Inlet to the Andeavor (Tesoro) Refinery in Nikiski which eliminates the need for the Drift River Oil Terminal.

CIGGS Pipeline News

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  • 01/01/1972
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  • Southcentral
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  • 10.75
  • System Length: 26.00
  • Length on State Lands: 21.00