Donlin Pipeline

Donlin Gold, LLC, submitted a pipeline right-of-way lease application dated April 9, 2014 for the proposed contract carrier Donlin Pipeline. The proposed 14-inch diameter Donlin Pipeline would transport natural gas from the Beluga Natural Gas Pipeline system to the Donlin Gold mine near Crooked Creek. Pipe thickness would be a minimum 0.312", up to 0.406" in HDD locations; final thickness will be determined in final design. The proposed 315-mile-long pipeline will be located across a variety of lands; approximately 207 miles are proposed on State of Alaska land. In addition to a federal environmental review which ended in 2018, the Donlin pipeline preliminary decision was issued for public review in January 2019, followed by 6 public hearings. DNR continues to review the pipeline application for a final decision. Other DNR information available at

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  • 14.00
  • System Length: 315.00
  • Length on State Lands: 207.00